Fitness in 10 for Men Briefing Note – The 60% Problem

“As a doctor I can give a you a lot of useful advice about how to get healthy and sty that way, but one thing you don’t need me to tell you is that exercise is good for you. By this point, it’s not new to anyone that staying active can benefit the heart, the waistline, and even the mind. Still, there’s a real disconnect between what we know and what we do. More than 60% of American adults do not exercise regularly, and many are content to admit they don’t exercise at all. More than 72 million are obese, and almost every one of them would like to shed the extra pounds. So, if exercise is such a good idea, why don’t more people do it?” (source: Time magazine – March 3, 2008 p. 42 Stuck on the Coach – Sanjay Gupta, M.D.

This is the issue we’re taking on. It’s nobody’s fault. Fitness programs seem daunting: too hard, requiring way too much time. Doing nothing seems easier for many, but it is the wrong choice for a healthy life. But, you can reclaim your fitness in 10 minutes a day.

For men who are active, the Program helps complete the fitness picture. For men who want to be more active, it’s the easy step back in.

Bottom Line: Ask yourself if you know – really know – that exercise is a must. Because it is.

To your fitness. For your life.

Colin McAlpin, Founder, Fitnessin10forMen

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