About the Author

Colin McAlpin

Colin is a lifelong student of fitness. His experience has put him in a unique position to understand and to help men over 40 reclaim their fitness level. His conversations over the years with fit older men revealed the insight that formed the basis of Fitness in 10 for Men. The insight: make your exercise a daily habit. Fit older men know that they have to exercise every day to keep the body moving. Use it or lose it.

He understands the challenge of having no time to exercise.  As his career matured over 20 years as a marketing executive in the high technology industry, and as he experienced the joys of being a husband and father, Colin experienced first-hand the challenge of balancing those important demands and staying in shape. He has also observed that things tend to go better everywhere in life when you are feeling fit and healthy.

His favourite competitive sport is tennis. He is a seven-time Canadian Junior Champion and two-time Canadian over 50 Senior Champion. He was captain of the Canadian Team at the World Over 50 Team Championships in 2012. He attended University of Florida on a tennis scholarship. However, he also knows tennis alone doesn’t get you in shape.

This combination of experience as a busy executive, active family man, and high-performance athlete is what qualifies him to write about the subject of men’s fitness. He knows what peak fitness is and how easy it is to lose. He also knows how easy it can be to reclaim a high fitness level.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida, Gainesville 1982 and an MBA from University of Ottawa 1985. He is currently a marketing and business strategy coach.

Colin and Marcia McAlpin live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with their daughter, Arden.